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About Cabaret Cariño

Cabaret Cariño is a unique adult striptease pageant game. Two girls on stage, using all their sensuality and pole-dancing skills to mercilessly tease and entice the audience. Strippers, of all kinds and styles, each one more delicious than the other: pinups, schoolgirls, dominatrixes, gamers, burlesque… the choice is yours. Win contests, rise in your career, and make your path to compete in the mythical, erotic, inviting – and irresistible –  Cabaret Cariño!


  • ❋ Versus Player
  • ❋ Campaign Mode
  • ❋ Customizable Character
Road Map


  • How often is Cabaret Cariño updated?

    Our game is updated twice a month, and the updates are released on Patreon on the first and third Wednesdays of every month.

  • What kind of content is planned for the next updates?

    The project's roadmap has the main milestones listed for the next few months, while more detailed news and updates are shared in our Discord and Patreon posts.

  • How is the content for future updates decided?

    We have a strong vision of what the game should look like in the future, but we also take great care to listen to members of the community and implement features we feel are important to them. If you want to send a suggestion or feedback, join our Discord. We'll be happy to hear your thoughts.

  • Where can I report a bug?

    Our Discord has a special channel where you can report any issues you encounter with the game, so feel free to share screenshots and a description of any problem you find during gameplay.